Introduction to the Labyrinth
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image002.jpg Introduction to the Labyrinth
How to Create a Personal Labyrinth

Labyrinths continue to gain acceptance as a valuable tool for healing, meditation and personal growth. They are found adjacent to hospitals and churches; they are being constructed in local parks and backyards, and are even used in schools. Virtual Labyrinths provide respite on the computer, and there is even a Labyrinth app for iPhones. As more and more people familiarize themselves with Labyrinths, they are able to reconnect to the Divine Feminine that embodies this sacred spiral.
image002.jpg Healing and the Labyrinth
image002.jpg The Divine Feminine and the Labyrinth
image002.jpg How to Create a Personal Labyrinth
Classical Labyrinth
Chartres Labyrinth
image002.jpg Dark Moon's Heart
Fibonacci Spiral - Public Domain Image
Sacred Geometry
Sacred geometry is the art of studying archetypal patterns and proportions in Nature and applying that knowledge to create meaningful structures. Many people may not know or understand sacred geometry, but they may recognize or resonate with the pattern. One example of sacred geometry is the Golden Ratio (Phi). We recognize this spiral shape in the form sea shells, unfurling plants and the Universe itself, ever expanding outward. As the spiral unwinds, the stored energy is released. The center of the Labyrinth acts as a vortex, surrounded by swirling energies. Walking the Labyrinth builds on these subtle energies and unleashes them. The walker becomes part of the sacred pattern as her energy field is woven into the Labyrinth’s.

Sacred geometry, however, does not have to involve complex mathematical equations. Geomancer, Sig Lonegren suggests learning how to create your own Labyrinth. As you practice drawing the Labyrinth, an amazing thing happens. You stop thinking about the next step; your hand knows exactly what to do. When this knowing (or “gnowing” according to Lonegren) occurs, you have reached the place where geometry becomes sacred.
Fiddlehead - Public Domain Image
Seed pattern for drawing a seven-circuit Classical Labyrinth
       #1 Practice learning how to draw a labyrinth using the seed pattern provided.
       #2 Create a personal Labyrinth using any materials, yarn, paints, clay, stones, sand, snow...
Seed pattern courtesy of Mid-Atlantic Geomancy
Golden Ratio Fibonacci Spiral courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
Fiddlehead image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
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Fortress, Lauren Walking a Sacred Path
Artress, Lauren The Sacred Path Companion
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