Dark Moon’s Heart

A Daughter School of the Order of the White Moon



The journey to the heart center can take us on a spiraling path of death and rebirth. Like the snake shedding its skin, this process can be painful at times. Patriarchy has taught women to fear their personal power, to deny it, to dismiss it. All too often, a woman's Divine light remains hidden under layers of fear, anger, subjugation, past wounds and present injustices. Dark Moon's Heart provides a safe, nurturing environment for the uncoiling spirit. It is a place where a woman can die to her old self, and be reborn to the life she is meant to be living, honouring the Goddess within.


Dark Moon's Heart School of the Divine Feminine is a Daughter school of The Order of the White Moon, an eclectic international order of women dedicated to The Goddess. The purpose of the Order is twofold: to help restore spiritual balance on earth by restoring the Divine Feminine to her rightful place, and to assist female seekers in their personal and spiritual development. It is the position of the Order that all spiritual paths and belief systems can benefit by incorporating the Divine Feminine.

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